Williamsburg Ghost, Witches and Pirates Tour – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect, FAQs

Williamsburg Ghosts, Witches, and Pirates Tour is one of the best Ghost Tours in the city for it has the most exciting Ghostly tales, locations, and amazing guides, too.

Ghost Tours of Williamsburg are most popular among people interested in the city’s rich history and those fascinated by haunted locations.

This tour is your window to the mysteries of Williamsburg, which include the tales of murder, the most famous witch, and the scariest story of Blackbeard’s crew hanging.

You will visit Jones Graveyard and other top landmarks of the city, which are believed to be haunted to this day.

Most people are well aware of the beauty of Williamsburg, but with this Ghost Tour, you will see the city’s dark side.

All the tales of murder, stories about pirates, witches, and more are told most excitingly by professional guides.

This article shares everything you should know before buying Williamsburg Ghosts, Witches, and Pirates Tour tickets.


Starting time: 8 pm

Time needed: 1 hour 45 min

Ticket cost: From US$25

Meeting Point

Address: 430 E Duke of Gloucester St, Williamsburg, VA 23185, United States. Get directions.

What to expect at the Williamsburg Witches and Pirates Tour

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The Ghosts, Witches, and Pirates Tour is a thrilling adventure transporting you back in time. Here’s what to expect, with details kept simple:

Colonial Williamsburg Capitol Building

Learn about the hangings of Blackbeard’s crew and the mysterious fate of Blackbeard’s skull. Did our forefathers drink from it? 

Stand where Grace Sherwood, the famous witch, is often seen during mock trials in the Capitol, and hear her tale of redemption centuries after being labeled the “Witch of Pungo.”

Stories of the Pirates 

Discover the stories of Anne Bonny and Mary Reed, including Mary’s disguise as Mark Reed, as they sailed aboard Calico Jack’s ship and fought as fiercely as men.

Haunted Locations

During the tour, You will visit some top landmarks, such as:

  • Raleigh Tavern
  • Lucy Lu Dwell’s house
  • the Courthouse
  • Bruton Parish Church 
  • George Wythe’s house
  • Peyton Randolph house. 

This tour is not just a passive sightseeing adventure; it’s a fully enjoyable and chilling experience. 

You’ll feel like you’ve returned to the 1700s when the “Witch of Pungo” roamed the streets and pirates sailed the high seas.

Entertaining Costumed Crew

Watch for the costumed crew of this tour, including Grace Sherwood, the “Witch of Pungo,” Mr. Pirate, and Petey the Parrot. 

They’ll entertain you throughout the tour, adding a touch of whimsy to the evening.

Finally, Don’t miss the chance to spot Mr. Pirate’s treasure chest at the tour’s end, where kids can collect a prize.

Be sure to bring a camera because you never know what paranormal events or intriguing sights you might encounter during the tour.

Experience the dark side of this historic colonial town that is still seen today.

Tickets for the Williamsburg Witches and Pirates Tour

You can purchase the tickets for Ghosts, Witches and Pirates Tour of Williamsburg online.

We recommend online booking because it has many benefits:

  • You can save a lot of time.
  • Online tickets tend to have exciting discounts so that you can save money.
  • Booking in advance confirms your spot for your preferred date.
  • Another benefit of online booking is you don’t have to stand in long queues. 
  • Also, the immediate confirmation of tickets helps you avoid last-minute disappointments.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (7+ years): US$25

Child Ticket (up to six years): Free.

How do online tickets work

Go to the Williamsburg Ghosts, Witches and Pirates Tour ticket booking page, select the preferred date and number of tickets, and buy them.

After the purchase, you will receive the tickets in your email.

You don’t need to get any printouts.

On the day of your visit, you can show your ticket on your smartphone to the tour guide and join the group.

This ghost tour led by entertaining guides allows you to explore the scary side of Williamsburg.

Important Information

  • Make sure you will be at the meeting point at least 10 to 15 minutes before the starting time
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Available
  • Tour strength: Maximum of 60 people
  • Near public transportation
  • You should cancel your tickets at least 24 hours before your visit to get a full refund
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Meeting point of the Tour

Palmer House, the meeting point of this tour, is only Capitol Building Museum.

You can reach it by bus and by car.

By Bus

1000 number bus will take you to the Capital Building, which is only 3 minutes from the meeting point.

Bus number 1 will take you to the York St at Patrick Henry bus stop, which is 10 minutes from the Palmer House.

By Car

If you’re driving by car, turn on Google Maps and get going.

Also, there are enough parking lots available near the meeting point. You can check by clicking parking option in the map.

FAQ about Williamsburg Ghosts & Pirates Tour

What are the locations of the Ghosts, Witches and Pirates Tour of Williamsburg?

The tour will take you to various haunted locations: Raleigh Tavern, Lucy Lu Dwell’s house, the Courthouse, Bruton Parish Church, George Wythe’s house, and Peyton Randolph house.

Is the Colonial Williamsburg Night-Time Ghosts Tour too scary?

While the tour is designed to be spooky and atmospheric, it’s not a haunted house experience with jump scares. It’s more focused on storytelling and sharing historical ghostly tales.

Is this Witches & Pirates Ghost Tour suitable for children?

This tour is designed for a general audience, but it’s important to note that it involves ghostly tales and potentially spooky experiences. While there is no strict age restriction, parents should use discretion when deciding whether it’s appropriate for their children.

Is the Williamsburg Ghosts, Witches and Pirates Tour wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the tour is wheelchair accessible, ensuring all participants can comfortably join.

Can I take photos during the Williamsburg Witches & Pirates tour?

Yes, you can take photos during the tour, and there are plenty of opportunities to capture the eerie and historic surroundings.

Are food & drinks included in the Williamsburg Ghosts Tour ticket?

Food and drink are not included in the Williamsburg Pirates & Ghosts Tour package. However, you can enjoy a meal or a drink before or after the tour in one of Edinburgh’s many eateries.

Are tickets refundable if I miss the Ghosts, Witches & Pirates Tour or arrive late?

No, organizers do not grant refunds for those who arrive late or miss the tour under any circumstances. So please go on time. 

Image: Williamsburg Ghost tours

Is the Williamsburg Witches and Pirates Tour worth it?

This trip is worth it as this is the only tour in town that includes true, thoroughly researched ghost stories and tales of witch trials and witch tests. 

All stories and tales in this tour are factual and accurate. 

It is Williamsburg’s only GHOSTS, WITCHES, AND PIRATES TOUR! 

Come out and meet the local witch, Grace Sherwood, as well as Mr Pirate and the infamous Blackbeard, who makes an appearance on occasion.

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