Ultimate Haunted Williamsburg Ghost Tour – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect, FAQs

Williamsburg is one of the oldest cities in the United States, and it has many stories of horror and places that are believed to be haunted today.

To experience the unknown side of this city, a ghost tour is all you need.

Ultimate Haunted Williamsburg Ghost Tour stands among the best ghost tours in the city.

Renowned psychics and investigators are the guides for this tour, and they share well-researched tales about Williamsburg and its haunted locations.

Professional guides who enhance your evening with their storytelling and locations with scary pasts are highlights of this tour.

If you are fascinated by the history of one of the oldest cities in the United States and other scary stories associated with its top locations, then this tour is perfect.

This article shares everything you should know before buying Colonial Ghosts Haunted Ghost Tour of Williamsburg tickets.


Starting time: 10 pm

Time needed: 1 hour 30 minutes

Ticket cost: US$40

Meeting Point

Address: Williamsburg, VA 23185, USA. Get directions.

What to expect at the Ultimate Williamsburg Ghost Tour

Video: Colonial Ghosts

Haunting History of Williamsburg

Discover the secrets and spine-chilling stories of one of the oldest cities in the United States during this Williamsburg Haunted Ghost Tour. 

This after-dark adventure will immerse you in the supernatural tales of Williamsburg’s haunted past.

Guided Journey

Your journey begins at the iconic Kimball Theater in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square, where you’ll meet your professional guide. 

Factual Stories

This tour goes beyond mere folklore; it’s grounded in historical events and meticulously researched by professional historians. 

These stories are not just legends but tales based on factual circumstances.

Renowned psychics and investigators have thoroughly investigated the haunted sites you’ll visit. 

These experts have lent their expertise to ensure an authentic and spine-tingling experience.

Itinerary of the Tour

Here is a detailed itinerary of the Williamsburg Ghost Tour

College of William and Mary

Pass by the historic College of William and Mary, where you’ll delve into the haunted history of this prestigious institution.

Merchants Square

Meet your professional guide in front of the Kimball Theater in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square, a hub of paranormal activity.

Kimball Theatre

Walk past the iconic Kimball Theater and keep an eye on any ghostly encounters that may occur along the way.

Colonial Ghosts

Explore the Historic Colonial area of Williamsburg, where you may witness hauntings that have been commonly experienced on previous tours.

Bruton Parish Episcopal Church

Pass by the hauntingly beautiful Bruton Parish Episcopal Church and uncover the spectral stories associated with this historic landmark.

Tickets for the Colonial Ghosts Tour of Williamsburg

You can purchase the tickets for East Ghost Tour of Williamsburg online.

We recommend online booking because it has many benefits:

  • You can save a lot of time.
  • Online tickets tend to have exciting discounts so that you can save money.
  • As the tour is quite popular, tickets sell out quickly, so booking in advance confirms your spot for your preferred date.
  • Another benefit of online booking is you don’t have to stand in long queues. 
  • Also, the immediate confirmation of tickets helps you avoid last-minute disappointments.

Ticket Cost: US$40

How do online tickets work

Go to the Williamsburg Haunted Ghost Tour ticket booking page, select the preferred date and number of tickets, and buy them.

After the purchase, you will receive the tickets in your email.

You don’t need to get any printouts.

On the day of your visit, you can show your ticket on your smartphone to the tour guide and join the group.

This ghost tour led by professional guides allows you to explore the unknown side of Williamsburg.

Important Information

  • Make sure you will be at the meeting point at least 10 to 15 minutes before the starting time
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Not available
  • Tour strength: Maximum of 12 people
  • Near public transportation
  • You should cancel your tickets at least 24 hours before your visit to get a full refund
  • You will meet your guides at Duke of Gloucester Street, in front of the Kimball Theater
Image: Colonial Ghosts

Meeting point of the Tour

The meeting point of this tour is only short distance from Market Square.

You can reach it by bus or by car.

By Bus

1000 bus will take you to the Merchant’s Square Ticket Office, which is only 3 minutes from the meeting point.

By Car

If you’re driving by car, turn on Google Maps and get going.

Also, there are enough parking lots available near the meeting point. You can check by clicking parking option in the map.

How long does the Ghost Tour take?

Is there a possibility of seeing actual ghosts on the Small-Group Williamsburg Ghost Tour?

While paranormal encounters are not guaranteed, the tour takes you to locations with reported hauntings. Throughout the tour, you may hear stories of past meetings and commonly experienced paranormal phenomena.

Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement for the Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour? 

There is no minimum age requirement for the tour, but we recommend it for ages eight and above due to the spooky nature of the content. There is no maximum age limit.

What is the maximum strength of the Williamsburg Small-Group Ghost Tour?

Maximum strength of this tour is limited to 12 people only for the sake of more personalized experience for travelers.

Is the Williamsburg Haunted Ghost Tour wheelchair accessible?

No, unfortunately, the tour is not wheelchair accessible as it includes historical locations in its itinerary.

Can I take photos during the Colonial Dead of Night Haunted Ghost Tour of Williamsburg?

Absolutely! Travelers are encouraged to bring their cameras. Many participants have captured their intriguing ghost photos during the tour, adding to the excitement of the experience.

Are tickets refundable if I miss the Williamsburg Haunted Ghost Tour or arrive late?

No, organizers do not grant refunds for those who arrive late or miss the tour under any circumstances. So please go on time. 

Image: Colonial Ghosts

Is the Williamsburg Ghost Tour worth it?

The Williamsburg Ghost tour is totally worth it!

Hear historically accurate ghost stories on one of the country’s top-rated ghost tours. 

Each site has been reviewed by renowned psychics and investigators to ensure that you have the most accurate ghost experience possible. 

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