Ghosts of Georgetown Walking Tour

You will see Old Stone House and “The Exorcist” Steps

Washington DC Ghost tours will reveal Georgetown’s secret past and local folklore. 

The posh neighbourhood is busy with tourists now, but it has a darker history.

Learn about strange events and genuine crime stories as you walk through the city’s oldest neighbourhood’s cemeteries, churches, and alleys. 

What to expect at the Washington DC Ghost tours?

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Highlights of the Washington DC Ghost tours

  • See Georgetown without the hordes of tourists. 
  • Take a fun twilight trip with your pals. 
  • Listen to eerie tales from the area. 
  • Visit areas where there have been reports of hauntings.

Washington DC Ghost tour schedule

The tour’s starting time is 8 P.M.

This ghost tour led by a local historian allows you to explore the paranormal side of Washington.

Where do the Washington DC Ghost tours start?

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The departure point is:

Old Stone House

3051 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA

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We meet outside the Old Stone House 3051 St NW.

The return point is:

The Exorcist Steps

Washington, DC 20007, USA

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The tour ends at the Exorcist Steps (36th and Prospect St NW)

The Ghost Tour tickets

Purchasing tickets online can save money and avoid last-minute disappointment.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket(9+ years): US$51.42

Children under the age group of 9 are not allowed on this trip.

How long does the Ghost Tour take?

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The total duration of the tour is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Deep, dark tales about a forgotten history lurk among DC’s finest neighbourhood’s antique streets, manicured gardens, and Victorian row houses. 

Come hear stories from the past about how Georgetown grew from a little tobacco port to a big commercial trade hub. 

Is the Washington DC Ghost tour worth it?

The Washington DC Ghost tours are totally worth it!

Many historical individuals have lived or stayed here, and their experiences have been preserved in letters and notebooks. 

Some of these people have never departed, haunting these magnificent homes to this day. 

This family-friendly tour will teach you about the town and fascinate you with its past, present, and future.

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