Uncensored Zombie Ghost Tour of Savannah – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect, FAQs

The Uncensored Zombie Ghost Tour of Savannah has all the essential elements that a ghost tour must have- fun, unknown stories, drinks, and, finally, a visit to haunted locations.

As one of the oldest American cities, Savannah has a long history and many unknown tales that the general public does not know.

This tour is exclusively for adults, so you do not have to deal with those annoying baby cries and abrupt interruptions.

Savannah’s Zombie Ghost Tour is also the finest because it is led by guides who are professional storytellers, authors, and playwrights.

You will visit haunted locations in the city and hear all the tales and history that made Savannah, USA’s most haunted city.

Another interesting thing about the tour is that you can bring your cocktails as it is an adults-only tour. Grab your drinks and let the guide do the rest.

According to a USA Today fan poll, this Ghost Tour is one of the top Ghost Tours in Savannah.

This article shares everything you should know before buying Uncensored Zombie Ghost Tour of Savannah tickets.


Starting time: 10 pm

Time needed: 2 hours (approx)

Ticket cost: US$35

Meeting Point

Address: Savannah, GA 31401, United States. Get directions.

What to expect at the Uncensored Zombie Ghost Tour

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The Uncensored Zombie Nighttime Walking Ghost Tour offers a unique blend of outdoor learning and captivating storytelling.

Here’s what you can expect:

Your journey into Savannah’s haunted past begins in Chippewa Square.

Led by licensed guides who are professional storytellers, authors, or playwrights, you’ll embark on a guided walking ghost tour. 

This tour is not just a typical ghost tour; it’s an outdoor classroom where history and hauntings come alive through creative storytelling. 

To add a touch of enjoyment to the experience, you’re welcome to bring your cocktails along for the ride. 

Sip on your favorite beverage as you stroll through the haunted streets of Savannah, and make this tour educational and entertaining at the same time.

Throughout the tour, you’ll have ample opportunities to capture the ambiance, historic sites, and perhaps even a ghostly presence.

As your journey through the haunted streets of Savannah ends, you’ll find yourself back at Chippewa Square, where the tour began. 

Reflect on your stories and experiences during this uncensored nighttime adventure.

Tickets for the Uncensored Zombie Ghost Tour

You can purchase the tickets for Zombie Night-Time Walking Ghost Tour of Savannah online.

We recommend online booking because it has many benefits:

  • You can save a lot of time.
  • Online tickets tend to have exciting discounts so that you can save money.
  • Booking in advance confirms your spot for your preferred date.
  • Another benefit of online booking is you don’t have to stand in long queues. 
  • Also, the immediate confirmation of tickets helps you avoid last-minute disappointments.

Ticket Cost (18+ years): US$35

This tour does not allow those who are below 18 years.

How do online tickets work

Go to the Savannah’s Uncensored Zombie Night-Time Ghost Tour ticket booking page, select the preferred date and number of tickets, and buy them.

After the purchase, you will receive the tickets in your email.

You don’t need to get any printouts.

On the day of your visit, you can show your ticket on your smartphone to the tour guide and join the group.

This ghost tour led by passionate guides allows you to explore the paranormal side of Savannah

Important Information

  • Make sure you will be at the meeting point at least 10 to 15 minutes before the starting time., i.e., 9.45 pm
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Not available
  • Tour strength: Limited to 30 people
  • We do not recommend this tour for people with back problems, and those with heart problems or serious medical conditions
  • Near public transportation
  • You should cancel your tickets at least 24 hours before your visit to get a full refund
An Entrance Gate
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Meeting point of the Tour

Meeting point of the tour is Chippewa Square, which is only a minute from Savannah Theater.

You can reach the Square by bus or by car.

By Bus

10, 27, 28, 31 buses will take you to the Oglethorpe & Bull WB bus stop, which is only 2 minutes from the starting point of the tour.

7F bus will take you to the Liberty & Whitaker bus stop, which is only 2 minutes away from the meeting point.

By Car

If you’re driving by car, turn on Google Maps and get going.

Also, there are enough parking lots available near the meeting point. You can check by clicking parking option in the map

FAQs about the Uncensored Zombie Ghost Tour of Savannah

What is the Uncensored Zombie Ghost Tour of Savannah?

The Uncensored Zombie Night-Time Walking Ghost Tour of Savannah is an entertaining introduction to Savannah’s haunted history. Led by professional storytellers and guides, this tour combines outdoor exploration with creative storytelling for a unique and fun experience.

Can I bring cocktails to the Zombie Ghost Tour for adults in Savannah?

Yes, you are welcome to bring cocktails with you on the tour. It adds to the fun and enjoyment of the experience. Sipping on a cocktail as you stroll through haunted Savannah is part of the unique charm of this tour.

What can I expect from the Savannah Haunted Walking Tour?

Expert guides who are professional storytellers, authors and playwrights will share all the chilling tales like, Dark Eyed Children, Shadow People, True Crime, etc. You’ll explore Chippewa Square and other famous landmarks while delving into an alternative side of Savannah’s history.

Is Savannah’s Uncensored Zombie Ghost Tour suitable for all ages?

This particular tour is for adults aged 18 and up. It’s designed for mature audiences who can appreciate the uncensored storytelling and enjoy cocktails during the tour.

Is the Zombie Ghost Tour wheelchair accessible?

No, this tour is not wheelchair accessible. It involves walking through the Savannah Historic District, which may not be suitable for individuals with mobility challenges.

How many people can join the Savannah Zombie Walking Ghost Tour?

The Tour can accommodate up to a maximum of 30 travelers.

How long is the tour, and what time does it start?

The Zombie Ghost Tour of Savannah is approximately 2 hours in duration and starts at 10:00 PM. It’s a night-time adventure that adds to the spooky atmosphere of the experience.

Is the Savannah Uncensored Zombie Ghost Tour worth it?

The Savannah Zombie Night-Time Walking Ghost Tour is totally worth it!

This walking ghost tour lasts two hours and includes history, scary tales, and entertainment. 

Take a cocktail with you on the tour and leave the rest to our professional storytellers. 

This is Savannah’s most popular ghost tour, and the USA Today Fan Poll named it one of the “Top 3 Ghost Tours in America.”

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