Ghost Tour of Pythian Castle in Springfield Missouri

Make your own way to Pythian Castle, located in the historic centre of Springfield, and head inside via an entrance guarded by stone gargoyles. 

Pythian Castle is a Gothic masterpiece in Springfield, Missouri. The place has stories with supernatural legends. 

Explore the castle’s dark corners on this 1.5-hour evening ghost tour, which includes a tour of the castle and visits to rumoured haunted locations. 

Learn about the century-long history of Pythian Castle, listen to spine-chilling tales of spectres and spirits, and maybe even meet a restless soul. 

What to expect at the Springfield Ghost Tour?

Video: The Spirits of Pythian Castle

Highlights of the Springfield Ghost Tour

  • A guided tour of Pythian Castle will reveal its dark history. 
  • Perfect for families and groups. 
  • Tour is limited to 15 people in a small group.
  • First, visit the ballroom, a grand space said to be haunted by many spirits. 
  • You’ll descend to the basement to explore the dimly lit tunnels, cells, and dungeon while listening to spine-chilling stories.

Springfield Ghost Tour schedule

The tour’s starting time is 8 P.M.

This ghost tour led by a local historian allows you to explore the paranormal side of Springfield.

Where does the Springfield Ghost Tour start?

Image: Pythian Castle

The departure and return points are the same as below:

1451 E Pythian St

1451 E Pythian St, Springfield, MO 65802, USA

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Note: The guest will check in at the castle entrance.

The Ghost Tour tickets

Purchasing tickets online can save money and avoid last-minute disappointment.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket (5 to 88 years): US$ 20.43

Children under the age group of 5 are not allowed on this trip.

How long does the Ghost Tour take?

Image: Pythian Castle

The total duration of the tour is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This tour has a reserve now and pay later option.

Make your own way to Pythian Castle, located in Springfield’s historic centre, and enter through an entrance guarded by stone gargoyles. 

Greet your guide in the lobby, then take a seat to hear about the castle’s dark history, sprinkled with ghost stories. 

Is the Springfield Ghost Tour worth it?

The Springfield Ghost tour is totally worth it!

To maintain a spooky atmosphere, this family-friendly, small-group tour is limited to 15 people. 

Visit locations of spirits including the ballroom and the basement. 

Your tour concludes in the lobby, where you will say your goodbyes to your guide and the ghosts.

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