Cheesman Park Denver Ghost Tours

You’ll learn the truth about the terrifying procedure of removing the dead from the cemetery. Decide for yourself if the park is genuinely haunting.

Many Denver locations are still haunting, but none compare to Cheesman Park, where you can explore Denver Ghost Tours.

On this 90-minute tour through the city’s earliest cemetery, you’ll hear terrifying accounts of ghostly activity.

Learn about sad occurrences that befell some graves and their deceased, and get a glimpse into everything that is seen—and unseen. 

What to expect at the Denver Ghost Tours?

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Highlights of the Denver Ghost Tours

  • Prepare for spine-chilling chills and spine-chilling stories. 
  • Investigate Cheesman Park, Denver’s first municipal cemetery. 
  • Your local guide will tell you decades of spooky stories. 
  • Learn how remains were taken from the cemetery using dubious methods. 
  • Simple get-together in the Cheesman Park Pavilion.

Denver Ghost Tours schedule

The tour’s starting time is 8 P.M.

This ghost tour led by a local historian allows you to explore the paranormal side of Denver.

Where do the Denver Ghost Tours start?

Image: Denver Local Tours

The departure point is:

The Pavilion at Cheesman Park

1900 E 11th Ave, Denver, CO 80206, USA

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The return point is:

East 13th Avenue & Gilpin Street

E 13th Ave & Gilpin St, Denver, CO 80218, USA

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The Ghost Tour tickets

Purchasing tickets online can save money and avoid last-minute disappointment.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket (16+ years): US$25

Child ticket (11 to 15 years): US$20

Infant ticket (0 to 10 years): Free

Children of all age groups are allowed on this trip.

How long does the Ghost Tour take?

Image: Denver Local Tours

The total duration of the tour is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Please meet me at the Cheesman Park Pavilion. 

Look for your guide wearing a costume and holding a lantern.  

If you use Lyft/Uber, drop-off points are Race and 9th, or Race and 11th. 

Parking is currently unavailable within the park. 

Street parking is available in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Is the Denver Ghost Tours worth it?

The Denver Ghost tour is totally worth it!

As we go across the park, you’ll hear terrifying firsthand experiences of paranormal activity. 

You’ll learn the truth about the terrifying procedure of removing the dead from the cemetery and decide for yourself whether the park is genuinely haunted.

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